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Mixing engineer San diego, california

Isaac Leo, hailing from Germantown, Maryland, just a short 30-minute drive from Washington D.C., was immersed in a childhood surrounded by the captivating rhythms of musicians. His early exposure to music ignited a profound passion that led him to experiment with various instruments. By the age of 16, Isaac recognized that creating music was not just a hobby but the very essence of his ideal lifestyle.

In 2012, he graduated as a certified audio engineer from Omega Studios, paving the way for the establishment of his own studio. As a one-man powerhouse, Isaac dedicated himself to full-time work, seamlessly transitioning between roles as both producer and artist. His dedication bore fruit when he secured airtime on WPGC 95.5 and WKYS 39.9. A noteworthy shoutout from 40, the renowned producer behind Drake, marked a pivotal moment in Isaac's journey.

Isaac's musical prowess didn't stop there. He opened for influential figures like Scarface and the Backyard band and engaged in several online radio interviews. Building momentum, he released a series of impactful singles before dropping his inaugural mixtape, "Lost Art," in 2019. Collaborating with longtime friend Jake Crawford, he followed up with the compelling project "Still Here."

In 2020, Isaac achieved a significant milestone with the launch of his debut album, "Inner Demons," where he not only showcased his talents as an artist but also took on the role of self-producing over half of the album. Undeterred by challenges, Isaac continued to evolve his sound and narrative. His most recent offering, the EP "Proud," is a testament to his growth, featuring three heartfelt tracks that delve into life experiences, his progression in the music industry, and a special dedication to his daughter. Isaac Leo's musical journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication and continual evolution as a multifaceted artist.


It was around the age of 16 when Isaac realized that creating music wasn't just a passion, but his ideal lifestyle.

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