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Artist \\ Producer \\ Engineer

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Maryland, USA


Hip-hop, Pop, R&B

Years Active:

2007- Present


Daoud Bapstiste

About Me

I was born in Germantown, Maryland, about 30 min outside of Washington, D.C. Growing up amongst musicians; my childhood was memorably rhythmic. Because my dad played bass and drums in different bands from a young age, music came naturally to me from the start. It didn’t take long to discover my passion for creating music and dabbling with various instruments starting with drums when I was in diapers. Around the age of 16, I realized that creating music wasn’t just a passion but my ideal lifestyle. I went from playing drums and guitar to growing a passion for producing beats. Once I got a taste for creating moments, I was addicted and spent every day for years producing in my room and working with various artists. After high school, I attended and graduated from Omega Studios in Rockville, MD, in 2012 as a certified audio engineer. I then began doing sessions part-time in my basement and building my clientele. While doing this, I dove deeper into the songwriting, rapping, and singing side of things, where I truly discovered what I wanted to do and who I was.

Eventually, I opened my studio in Gaithersburg at a commercial location, operating it as a one-person team. I worked there full-time, recording and crafting myself to be both the producer and artist I envisioned. After about a year and a half, I relocated my studio to North Bethesda, where it is still currently located, and have built up a large client list and reputation from the years of work I put into the music scene in the DMV. I eventually scored radio time on WPGC 95.5 and won the WKYS 39.9 this year, landing an interview with Littelbaconbear, which can be found and watched on WKYS’s website. Some other notable achievements would include a shoutout from 40, Drake’s producer, opening up for Scarface, the Backyard band, a handful of online radio interviews, and several live performances around the DMV. Starting at open mics to eventually throw my show headlining with close to 100 people in attendance. After dropping several singles, I released my first official mixtape called Lost Art, which dropped in 2019.

Next was a collab project called Still Here with long-time friend Jake Crawford. My debut album, Inner Demons, was launched in 2020 with zero features; over half of the album was self-produced. This year I released an EP called Proud, which consists of 3 songs written from the heart about life experiences, one song devoted entirely to my daughter called “Holding On.” Some more recent notable singles would be “Princesa” by Featuring Latenightjiggy, a well-known artist from the DMV, and a song called “Too Ill” featuring Lightshow, some would call a legend in the D.C rap scene. Over the years, I’ve had different opportunities and small-label deals, but I am currently an independent artist writing, producing, mixing, and mastering everything independently. My daughter, who is 8 and now in third grade, is a major part of my life. I brought her to the studio and introduced her to recording and making songs which she loves to do, and she has started writing her songs. Being a dad running a business and pursuing a music career as an independent artist can sometimes be very stressful and difficult. Still, I’ve only progressed each year, accomplishing more and getting closer to where I ultimately want to be. In 2023 I plan to go on tour and drop my second album with a major backing behind it. I’ve technically been making music for about 15 years, but I’m just getting started. My passion and talent level are higher than its ever been, and I have major goals for the near future.



Isaac Leo Videos

Isaac Leo Videos

Isaac Leo Videos
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Isaac Leo - Finally Here (Official Video)

Isaac Leo - Finally Here (Official Video)

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Isaac Leo - When I Grow Up (Official Video)

Isaac Leo - When I Grow Up (Official Video)

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Isaac Leo - Proud of Me (Official Video)

Isaac Leo - Proud of Me (Official Video)

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